About I Cut People

My work primarily focuses on political, social and cultural constructs.  I work with multiple mediums producing mostly intricate collages.

I produce all my creations under the pseudonym “I Cut People.”  I Cut People is a sampled-based audio and video project I started in 2005.  Hours of television programs, commercials, and movies are sampled and remixed, building new and transformative works of art.  The audio cut-ups are constructed from hours of vocal samples which have been rearranged and crafted to formulate barrages of fierce polemics.  The video work is more subtle and apolitical, but it is created using similar cut and paste techniques.

My visual collage process entails cutting out small, sometimes minute pieces of magazine paper and filling up an entire canvas with a kaleidoscope of textures and colors.  These works, which I call “bit collages,” take months to complete and in some cases, depending on the size, years.  Every small piece of magazine is cut by hand.  Color combinations are spontaneous and when glue is applied the pieces disperse, dismantling any attempt at structure.

Other types of collages include anti-ads, which are satirically modified advertisements made mostly from fashion magazines.  The subject matter in each ad is typically in the forefront and I try to provoke thought and action beyond the initial message of each piece.

Aside from my solo project, i am also in the band, gitar with ellipse elkshow. we released the album, stuffed, on negativland’s seeland records in 2010.

To schedule a live performance or if you are interested in my visual/audio art, contact me at icutpeoplecollage(at)gmail.com.