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Gitar collaborations

Stuffed | Gitar

Rising out of the collage tradition, Gitar (post-post-poster artists I Cut People and Ellipse Elkshow) holds their breath and stares critically at the sources of information and entertainment in contemporary Western society. Pop music, advertisements, radio, television and film are sent throughthe microscope and the meat-grinder, reorganized into fun, disturbing, satirical, informative and utterly ridiculous packets of sonic brain-food. Consume this, get Stuffed, and see if you’re still hungry for prime time. Released on Negativland’s Seeland Records: Buy it!

Gitar collaborations

Fallujah | Gitar

Fallujah, gITAr’s outspoken response to the war on terrorism has been a work in progress since 2008. It started as a live performance and slowly morphed into a fully edited audio collage at the beginning of 2010. Fallujah is the attempt to understand atrocity and terror from a distance and the phantoms that plague our everyday lives.  Download at Bandcamp

Gitar collaborations

Pontiac Blueboy | Gitar

Created in Berkeley, California by Gitar in march of 2007, this improv revolves around a dragnet episode focusing on the LSD craze in 1967.  the album is around 20 minutes and has a total of 8 tracks. It also comes with a hilarious art booklet with actual pictures of DEA officers doing what they do best…eating acid and selling it to the public.  Download Full Album

Gitar collaborations

Psychedelic Pigeon P0P | Gitar

Psychedelic Pigeon Pop is a gITAr edited improv created in 2010. The album touches on a lot of topics including: the pumpkin man, the economy, nursery rhymes, pork chops and apple sauce, little boys who think they’re pigeons, toulan blood, blow dryers, and more. Psychedelic Pigeon Pop was recorded in February of 2010. It was edited by ellipse elkshow and i cut people in March 2010. Download Full Album – MP3

Gitar collaborations

Film Candy

Film Candy is the sequel to I Cut People’s The Inside Story.  Originally constructed by I Cut People and Ellipse Elkshow as a live improv, Film Candy was later edited and released on buildings building themself(vs)media machine. It was performed live in 2010 at Annie’s Social Club in San Francisco, CA. Download Full Album

Gitar collaborations

Rocked Bottom

“I want to see hedge-fund managers tipped into cage fights with naked Gypsies; bank managers wrestle with lions in the O2 arena; failed regulators thrown to alligators in the Royal Docks; short sellers in pits of snakes; and distinguished City economists try their luck with sharks. They’ve had their heyday, their bonuses, their Porsches, their fine wines and oafish ostentation – they’ve had their fun. Now for ours. To the guillotine!” Featuring: I Cut People, Ellipse Elkshow, Gitar, Mae and Nao.  Download at Bandcamp

Gitar collaborations

The Nothing Socket | Gitar

Gitar Live Performance from 2009 – 2010.  Download and/or Buy it at Bandcamp.

Gitar collaborations

Paper Towel Wizards | Gitar

Gitar improv with Nao and MEGA from 2010.  Santa Rosa, CA.  Download and/or buy it at Bandcamp

Gitar collaborations

GiTAr Northwest Stuffed Tour 2009 (Live)

Stuffed Pacific Northwest tour.  Portland OR, Eugene OR, Olympia WA, San Francisco CA, Berkeley CA.

Download here

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